Party Hire


Set for party mode, this means that you can stack as many songs in the cue as you like. You can clear the cue or skip a song. If you haven’t got any songs in the cue, the jukeboxer will randomly select and play within 70% of the most popular songs in its memory, providing you with non stop music. It will cross fade between tracks, giving the effect of a DJ hosted evening.
It is adorned with colourful visualisations. Displays the album covers.
It will play full screen karaoke simply by selecting from the karaoke menu. It has a quick song search menu. The jukeboxer does so much, and yet it is just so simple to operate. This unit is ideal for all venues.Book This unit for your next party in wellington at Rockbox Party Hire Wellington . FREE DELIVERY WELLINGTON Wellington area (south of Pukerua Bay and Upper Hutt).

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