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Creating jobs in the 5th district will be top priority. We must work to make this area of Virginia attractive to new or expanding businesses. A major contributor to the overall economic prosperity of Virginia is its involvement with the military. As your representative, in Washington I would work with local leaders in Richmond to identify companies that supply and produce goods for the military that are in the process of expanding or looking to expand in the near future. We would court those companies emphasizing the work ethic and distribution capabilities of the area enticing them to relocate or open a second location within the 5th district.

The 2nd Amendment
The founders were clear that the right for the people to bear arms was crucial to the security and survival of the young republic. Some of the founders went as far to say that every citizen of a republic should own and be taught to use a gun. I will not support any legislation that would infringe the right of the people to keep and bear arms. We must not allow the incremental subversion of our rights in the name of social change. I will work to reverse unconstitutional restrictions on firearms and I will not support any legislation that will allow the federal government to impose new restrictions through legislation. I will always stand for the people’s right to keep and bear arms.

Our Military
As the father of a marine currently deployed in Afghanistan I have strong feelings about supporting our troops. As a parent I understand that the decision to deploy our young men and women requires careful consideration. We owe our troops a clearly defined mission with achievable goals and objectives. We cannot hinder our troops with rules of engagement that tie their hands and ask them to fight a politically correct war. We must not play political games by attaching amendments and government pork to military spending bills. I will support and promote legislation that would ban this practice and only allow military related items to be attached to military appropriation bills.

Energy Policy
We have large domestic supplies of oil and natural gas and we must be able to reduce government imposed restriction on drilling and mining in order to reduce our dependency on foreign oil and allow for economic growth. We must expand the use of clean safe nuclear power and we must allow the utility companies and the market to research and overcome serious feasibility issues facing current wind and solar technology. Setting government mandated renewable energy requirements will only raise the cost of producing electricity and will actually hinder innovation in the renewable energy segment. As your representative, I will support domestic energy production and work to reduce government restrictions on the expansion of domestic energy resources.

Uranium Mining
I am currently against the idea of uranium mining in Pittsylvania County. Before the people of the county make a decision additional factors need to be studied things beyond just safety and jobs. What effect will uranium mining have on the population growth as well as new business growth? Will environmentally conscious companies and families with small children risk moving to an area with uranium mining?

Another factor to consider is why would we exploit our valuable natural resource when our Country has not committed to expanding nuclear power use? We would be risking the health and safety of our people and risk damaging the family friendly perception of our community in order to sell our natural resource to advance the nuclear programs in Canada, France, and China. There may be a time in the future when the United States and its domestic nuclear energy program needs more uranium and at that time we may be asked to revisit the issue.

As your representative I will make sure the people of the Counties concerned will not be pressured by Washington into accepting a deal they find to be against their best interest.

Marriage Amendment
The Founding fathers made it very difficult to amend the constitution of the United States. I think that before resorting to amending the constitution we should do everything possible to resolve the issue at the state level. With that being said I think with an activist federal judiciary trying to implement social reform by subverting the legislative process it is necessary for the people to take drastic measures to stave off this assault on our values.

I would rather see our legislative and executive branches of government intervene and abolish activist courts such as the 9th circuit court of appeals. This move would send a message to the rest of the federal courts to stop legislating from the bench. Our country was designed to be governed by a constitution and not judicial precedence. I will stand in support of an amendment to constitution defining marriage as between a man and a woman. I will do so in hopes that the wave of growing support for this movement will cause our government to take action to protect marriage and put an end to judicial activism there by rendering the need for the amendment irrelevant.

Repealing Smoking Bans
As conservatives we take issue when we feel federal or state governments overreach their constitutional authority. We do not appreciate the intrusion into our personal matters seemingly ever eroding our individual liberties. However, we as conservatives often are more than willing to support an overreaching and intrusive federal government when it suits our own social or domestic ideals on any given issue. We must understand that we cannot have it both ways we either stand in support and defense of the constitution or we do not.

That’s s why I support the lifting of state and federal smoking bans and stand against leveling punitive taxes on those who of their own choosing make a decision to smoke. I am not a smoker nor is anyone currently living in my household a smoker. When we look to the government to move punitively against fellow citizens we disagree with we are ourselves subverting and undermining our own constitution in the name of political correctness. It should be up to business to implement their own policies on smoking it should not be mandated or imposed at the state and federal level.

People possess the power to change their circumstance and environment. If a restaurant chooses to implement a smoking policy that is against what the majority of their patron’s desire then they will pay an economic price and will adjust their policy accordingly. When considering the issue from a public safety stand point we must understand when we are faced with conflicting scientific reports we must realize that the issue second hand smoke is unsettled and we do not restrict the liberties of our fellow citizens based on unsettled science. Science today is being used as a weapon to effect social change, we see this reflected in the current global warming controversy, and we must not allow ourselves to willingly surrender our or our neighbor’s rights in the name of political correctness.

I do not think smoking is good for you and choose not to do it based on my own reasoning and understandings. However, I will not in good conscious support any restriction imposed by State or Federal governments to ban or restrict the rights of our fellow citizens. Constitutional usurpation is a slow moving process and at first only eats away at our rights one small piece at a time often in the name of the public or greater good. To protect the structure and integrity of our constitution we must be willing to fight off even the smallest assaults even if that assaults supports a position which may be favorable to us personally. The rights of our neighbors should be as important, no more important, to us then our own by standing in defense of the rights of our neighbors we in fact are defending, protecting and ensuring our own.

Sanctity Of Life
I stand in support of the sanctity of life. I believe that life begins at conception and any attempt to assign an artificial age of viability is an attempt to justify the taking of a human life. As parents my wife and I did not wait to celebrate and dream of the possibilities for our unborn child until it reached some legally conjured definition of viability nor would the grief associated with the loss of our unborn child be lessened because it had not yet reached that imagined laps of time which defines viability in our society today.

A new front is developing in the battle for preserving the sanctity of life and that is confronting government sanctioned euthanasia that will eventually be implemented in the adoption of universal health care. There is overwhelming evidence from countries that have universal government run health care that seniors are commonly moved to the back of the line when being considered for treatment and often die before treatment can be administered resulting in de facto euthanasia.

It is no longer acceptable to maintain the status quo when it comes to the sanctity of life. Steps and safe guards must be put in place to protect the unborn and the elderly to prevent the unnecessary and immoral destruction of life.

Healthcare reform
I believe healthcare is in need of serious reform. However I do not advocate government control over our healthcare industry. Most people can agree on some fundamentals concerning health care.

1st Insurance companies should not be able to drop your coverage due to serious illness nor should they be able to raise your premiums with the intent of making coverage so cost prohibitive that you simply can no longer afford it.

2nd We must allow for true competition by allowing insurance policies to be sold across state lines.

3rd No heath care reform can be serious contemplated without Tort reform there by addressing the abundance of junk law suits.

4th We must rein in Medicare and Medicaid cost by identifying fraud and applying harsh penalties for that fraud.

The current version of the House and Senate healthcare bills do nothing to address these issues and the current proposals are more about expanding government control then truly addressing healthcare.

Tax Reform
Our current Tax code is 66,000 pages long and nearly 500 million words. The code is complicated and unfair and a source of great frustration to most Americans. The Tax code and the IRS are used as political tools to maintain power and to threaten and intimidate opposing points of view. Our current tax code is unacceptable and I will work to reform and simplify the tax code with the goal of abolishing the IRS. I have read and considered several tax reform proposals and Personally, I support the Fair Tax concept, and here is why, the Fair Tax picks up everyone, the underground economy, and the illegal’s, In fact, no one escapes even the tax evaders that ship their funds to overseas tax havens. I will join other law makers in supporting the Fair Tax. With that said the implementation of the Fair Tax would be a long and arduous process requiring an amendment to the Constitution as well as an extensive education campaign to combat the demagoguery opponents would level against Fair Tax. In the mean time I will work to reduce the tax burden on citizens and small business. I will vote no on any new spending program that would require a Tax increase. Learn more about the Fair Tax at

Illegal Immigration
Illegal immigration is a serious problem, no more than that it’s a crime. It is taxing our countries financial resources and depleting the potential job pool that Americans could be accessing to put themselves back to work. I would not support any legislation that involved Amnesty or that simply nullified existing procedures in the name of making immigration easier.

I am for imposing tough financial penalties on American business that use illegal immigrant labor and jail time for those business owners that commit second offence. I would also impose economic sanctions against the Mexican government for their supporting and encouragement of illegal immigration and would also bill the Mexican government for medical and educational expenses incurred by the people of the United States each year. If the Government of Mexico refused to pay I would seize assets in American banks in the amount owed. I would also support placing a 90 day hold on all money transfer request originating from the United States to Mexico. This would be specific and targeted to address illegal’s transferring monies to their families in Mexico and the hold would not apply to legitimate business transactions with the Mexican government. If at any time during the 90 day period a person could show documents to the bank that they were in this country legally then the money would be released no penalty. If the proper documentation was not provided in 90 days the money would be taxed at 70% before being sent to Mexico. These are just examples of a few simple steps that could help dry up the potential job sources in this country and at the same time would impose tough economic and criminal penalties slowing the immigrant tide.

I also would support making being in this country illegally a felony. We have the most lax immigration laws of any country. If you and I were found to in Mexico illegally we could be charged with a felony. Americans must also be informed what is really driving the Illegal immigrants in this country and examine why it is that Mexico has such strict immigration laws while chiding us when we attempt to enforce our existing laws. The Mexican government as well as ours is covering up the ugly truth concerning the reason for the tide of Mexican immigrants flooding into the United States. They would have us believe these people are immigrating for better living conditions and wages for their family and although this may be true there is an additional ugly component of racism that must be exposed. The Mexican government is encouraging, promoting, and facilitating the immigration of Mexican natives not of Mexicans of Spanish decent. Mexican natives are a highly discriminated against group that is generally perceived to be uneducated and considered to be a drag on the finances of Mexico. We should but pressure on the Mexican Government to end their raciest policies and to integrate their own society by providing equal representation, access and opportunity for all of its citizens.

I will take step to stop the Illegal Immigration problem in this country and will not support any bill with that will grant any form of amnesty for the current illegal’s in this country. You are not a law abiding citizen if you try and pick and choose what laws you obey. These illegal immigrants are criminals and should be treated as such and should face the penalties for violating our laws. I stand in support of Arizona’s new Immigration enforcement bill and will stand in solidarity with any state that stands in her own defense on matters of Immigration. The Federal Government has failed to enforce immigration laws causing a need for the states to take enforcement matter s in their own hands to ensure their own security and finical stability.

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