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So it’s that time of year again!

If your short of space, short of time, short of energy to cope with a house full of kids or just lacking in sunshine we are just what you need! So if you want your child to have a party they will never forget look no further, You provide the children we provide the fun!!!

The Party Bus

Our partybus is a vintage 1981 double decker that has been converted to a playbus. It is visually stunning and vibrant both inside and out.

The bus is an exciting and colourful adventure playground on wheels aimed at 3-9 year olds. We provide 2 floors of soft play areas, slides, climbing frames, ball pool and lots more.

Our Party Bus can park anywhere as long as it is flat and accessible, height and length being taken into consideration; outside your house, in a car park, outside your child’s school or at a community hall/centre etc.

Our bright red Double Decker Bus is fitted out with fun but safe games and play-time equipment that your children and all their friends will absolutely love playing on.

Over the years we’ve tried and tested (or rather thousands of children have played on) various equipment on the buses. So over time we’ve seen what they have the most fun on – and what they quickly get bored with!

Over time we got rid of the boring stuff and added more of the equipment we saw them having maximum enjoyment.

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