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Are You Determined To Own Your Own Home Based Business?
Then you have finally reached the right place to start your journey to owning your own Party Rental business. Starting a Party Rental Business is so much fun it seems almost “too easy”. But, as with any business, following the proper plan keeps you from doing the wrong things and focusing on the things that really work! Imagine how it will be when you have a home based business that’s FUN, that your family can enjoy, that your kids can be involved in. and that can make Thousands of dollars. A home business that has so many new products that you can’t wait to get to the annual trade show to see great new items to offer your customers.

Nothing Could Be Easier Than A Home Based Party Business!
Here are just a few of the many things you’ll discover with the information in this report:
How to decide what kind of party rental company is best for you.
The best way to plan your goals, find the proper insurance, work with your government agencies and get your company set up.
An insider secret to finding the BEST Event Scheduling Software.
Learn which type of events get you the big money with the least effort.
A complete guide to purchasing equipment that will pay for itself in the first year.
7 Proven ways to market your company – ALL under 0.00.
Find out where to hire help, and how to get them to promote your company even when they’re NOT working for you.

But Better Yet There’s Even MORE!
Get an inside peak at many of our favorite postcards. See a sample of our email newsletter, our birthday invitations & other marketing ideas.
This book takes you into the world of Casino Equipment Rentals and how to run your company easily and profitably.
Everything you need to know from purchasing equipment to finding dealers, to actually setting up and operating the events.
You’ll find information on how to set up, deliver and operate your equipment correctly, information on how to set up a maintenance program and suggested safety instructions for much of the equipment in the industry.
You can copy this guide and brand it as your own. It’s GREAT to give away FREE to new customers or people signing up for your newsletter.

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