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Photo Booth Hire Essex With Michael J Fitch

Photo Booth Hire Essex With Michael J Fitch. For details about how photo booth hire essex can make your wedding, party or event magical go to To hire Magician Michael J Fitch visit

Video Transcript:

Hello! I’m Michael J. Fitch magician. I attend lots of parties, lots of weddings and this is great — photo booth party hire. You can use it for any events to create those special memories. Have your friends bundle in here with loads of wigs and glasses or also you could leave video messages like I’m doing now. I’ve been a magician, I get asked to perform this every single time. Watch, 2 empty hands, 1 piece of paper and a bit of imagination. Don’t take your eyes off the paper. Let me try something special. 3, 2, 1, no camera tricks, bang; a fresh 50. There you go. Anyway, this is just showing you how great photo booth party hire can be for your events, for birthdays or weddings. You can have those fun videos or create those special video clips for your friends. See you later.

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