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Spitbank Fort Party Hotel And Island For Hire

Spitbank Fort is a hotel and island for hire.

Having a party at your own house may seem boring in comparison to what you can experience on an island in Portsmouth, England.
Spitbank Fort is essentially an island for hire.
However, it’s actually a historic sea fortress, which has morphed into an upscale venue and hotel, perfect for those looking for a peaceful setting or for party throwers looking for a one-of-a-kind location. In previous years, the fort was home to hundreds of soldiers, who were guarding the entries into Portsmouth.
Now, the fortress has been entirely converted. There are nine bedroom suites and three restaurants along with three bars. The fort also boasts of game rooms, a fire pit, rooftop sauna & hot pool and a wine cellar.
The private fort is geared towards varying events. Exclusive families are welcome along with corporations, wedding celebrations and private parties. Overnight accommodations can fit up to 18 people while the function spaces can house up to 60 people.
Photos online depict nothing short of a five star establishment. The suites are beautifully and elegantly decorated. The rooftop contains a deck, with grass resembling turf on the floor. The fort also comes with a general manager, skipper, hosts and a private chef.

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