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Star Wars Parties For Hire | Call 866-434-4101

Star Wars Parties for Hire | Call 866-434-4101

If you’re looking for the Force to help you with your next birthday party, our Storm Trooper is the perfect option for your character parties this year. In booking Party Characters For Kid’s Storm Trooper as a part of your Star Wars Character birthday party or special event, you’ll have the whole little rebel force cheering and singing your praise. Your little Storm Trooper in training will have the privilege of joining in a real light saber battle with our Storm Trooper and walk through a Force training exercise to see how powerful the force is with him. All the kids will love this and they’ll talk about it for months after.

Darth Vader For Hire
Storm Trooper For Hire
Jedi Master For Hire
Luke Skywalker For Hire

For Booking Please call 866-434-4101

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