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Sumo Suits And Why You Must Wear Its Hired Safety Hats

Sumo suits and why you should wear its hired safety hats
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This is a short demo video to briefly show case sumo suits fun and why you should wear the sumo hats all the time…..includes the sumo pants too, of course 🙂

By the way, Don’t Waste Your Time With Cheap Sumo Suits…

All of our Sumo Suits are filled with foam, not air, for quality padding maximising safety for participants.

All materials are flame retardant and quality tested. The design of the suits means they are quick and easy to get on and off.

Simply pop over the players head and lowered down so the hands and feet are visible. They have a specially designed safety hat which protects the head and is fastened with tough Velcro under the chin. A 3m square padded mat is supplied for the sumo area

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